The Cambridge History of China: Volume 12, Republican China, 1912 1949, Part 1

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The first of two volumes which review the Republican period, between the demise of imperial China and the establishment of the People's Republic.


1. Introduction: Maritime and continental in China's history John K. Fairbank; 2. Economic trends, 1912-49 Albert Feuerwerker; 3. The foreign presence in China Albert Feuerwerker; 4. Politics in the aftermath of revolution: the era of Yuan Shih-k'ai, 1912-16 Ernest P. Young; 5. A constitutional republic: the Peking government, 1916-28 James E. Sheridan; 6. The warlord era: politics and militarism under the Peking governmnet, 1916-28 James E. Sheridan; 7. Intellectual change: from the Reform movement to the May fourth movement, 1895-1920 Charlotte Furth; 8. Themes in intellectual history: May fourth and after Benjamin I. Schwartz; 9. Literary trends I: the quest for modernity, 1895-1927 Leo Ou-Fan Lee; 10. The Chinese communist movement to 1927 Jerome Ch'en; 11. The nationalist revolution: from Canton to Nanking, 1923-28 C. Martin Wilbur; 12. The Chinese bourgeoisie, 1911-37 Marie-Claire Bergere.


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