Samuel F. B. Morse

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Februar 1990



This 1989 volume represented the first fully developed study of the eminent American artist and inventor Samuel F. B. Morse (1791 1872).


List of illustrations; Preface; 1. Education; 2. Itinerancy; 3. House of Representatives; 4. New York; 5. National Academy of Design; 6. Gallery of the Louvre; 7. Electromagnetism; 8. Epilogue; Notes; Appendix I. Key to Morse's picture of the House of Representatives; Appendix II. Descriptive catalogue of the pictures, thirty-seven in number, from the most celebrated masters, copies into the Gallery of the Louvre; Checklist of paintings and sculpture; Selected bibliography; Index.


"...a well-studied and successful book on Samuel F.B. Morse's important paintings, with careful writing on his relationships and activities...The book should be much used and influential." ISIS "By far the best single book on Morse as an artist and 19th-century figure." T.J. McCormick, Wheaton College (MA), in Choice "By placing Morse in an artistic, social, and political context, Staiti has given us a clearer picture of the man than we have heretofore had...Staiti's book is an important addition to American art scholarship." David Meschutt, Winterthur Portfolio
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