Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 5: Sixth Series

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Februar 1996



The Royal Historical Society Transactions offers readers an annual collection of major articles representing some of the best historical research by some of the world's most distinguished historians.


Part I: 1. Presidential address: 'The peoples of Ireland, 1110-1400: Part II. Names, Boundaries and Regnal Solidarities' R. D. Davies; 2. 'His special friend'? The settlement of disputes and political power in the kingdom of the French (tenth to mid twelfth century) Jane Martindale; 3. The structures of politics in early Stuart England Steve Gunn; 4. Alexander Prize essay: 'Liberalism and the establishment of collective security in British foreign policy' Joseph C. Heim; 5. The Prothero Lecture: 'Empire and opportunity in Britain, 1763-1783' P. J. Marshall; Part II. Knighthood to Country Gentry, 1050-1400? 6. Thegns and knights in eleventh century England: who was then the gentleman? John Gillingham; 7. Knights, esquires and the origins of social gradation in England Peter Coss; 8. From Stenton to McFarlane: models of societies in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries David Crouch; 9. Miles in armis strenuus: the knight at war Michael Prestwich; Part III: 10. Institutions and economic development in early modern central Europe Sheila Ogilvie; Report of Council for 1994-1995; Officers and Council 1995.
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