Partisans and Poets: The Political Work of American Poetry in the Great War

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Februar 1997



A study of American poetry and the political culture of World War I.


Introduction; Partisan poetics, circa 1914; 1. I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier: The Woman's Peace Party and the Pacifist Majority; 2. The new society within the shell of the old: Wobbly Parody Poetical and Political; 3. The barbarians at the gate: The Soldier-Poet and the Great War in Black and White; 4. Marketing patriotism: The Frugal Housewife and the Consumption of Poetry; 5. Beating the competition: The Woman's Peace Party and the Industrial Workers of the World on Trial; 6. While this war lasts: Readerly Resistance on the Colour Line and the Bread Line; Conclusion: history and poetry in the age of irony.


"A rich and full view of a period that combines important social critique and historical perspective, this volume also rescues a sizeable body of poetry from obscurity." B. Adler, Choice "Readers interested in revisonist narratives of modernism, intersections of culture and politics, or the history of dissent in the United States will welcome Mark Van Wienen's new study of American poetry during the Great War. This well-researched project explores a wide range of fascinating and original sources... ...this is a boldly polemical and original study that is certainly worth the attention of scholars of the twentieth century." Caren Irr, American Literature "...one of the best cultural studies of poetry I have ever read." American Studies
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