Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: With Applications in Condensed Matter and Atomic Physics

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Oktober 2005



Graduate text introducing relativistic quantum theory, emphasising important applications in condensed matter physics.


Preface; 1. The theory of special relativity; 2. Aspects of angular momentum; 3. Particles of spin zero; 4. The Dirac equation; 5. Free particles/antiparticles; 6. Symmetries and operators; 7. Separating particles from antiparticles; 8. One electron atoms; 9. Potential problems; 10. More than one electron; 11. Scattering theory; 12. Electrons and photons; 13. Superconductivity; Appendices; References; Index.


'The book is very readable and could easily be used as background reading to an advanced relativistic quantum mechanics undergraduate course as well as the postgraduate audience for which it is intended ... Any researcher desiring to pursue a career in relativistic condensed matter will find it invaluable.' Martin Long, The Times Higher Education Supplement '... a sparkling presentation of the more traditional aspects and quite numerous well-presented novel topics, especially within condensed matter and atomic physics... an outstanding and careful book... good value and highly recommended for any graduate student entering relativistic quantum mechanics but also researchers in the field of condensed matter and atomic physics'. C. Keitel, Contemporary Physics
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