The Male Survivor: The Impact of Sexual Abuse

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Oktober 1994



This landmark study examines the largest clinical sample to date of male survivors of sexual abuse in childhood. Using data from his nationwide North American survey, the author reveals that such abuse is extensive, thus dispelling myths regarding the invulnerability of males.
Mendel argues that various societal myths have led to a profound under-recognition of male childhood sexual abuse. He proposes that increased attention to, and acknowledgement of, male victimization is needed in order to reduce both the stigma and isolation of male survivors and the incidence of abuse. The author also suggests modifications to conceptual frameworks related to the long-term impact of childhood sexual abuse to apply specifically to male survivors.


Foreword - Kathleen Coulborn Faller
Examining the Lens: Masculinity and Child Sexual Abuse
Ron's Story
The Underidentification of Male Sexual Abuse
David's Story
Prevalence and Descriptive Characteristics: A Review of the Literature
Ned's Story
Explanatory Models of the Impact of Child Sexual Abuse
Pete's Story
The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Males: A Review of the Literature
Ben's Story
An Original Study of Sexually Abused Males
The Men and Their Abuse Experience
Chris's Story
Understanding the Impact of Sexual Abuse on Males
Wayne's Story
The Male Survivor
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