From the Country of Nevermore: Selected Poems

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Oktober 1990



Teillier poems focus on the politics of the psyche and are haunted by ill-fated dreams of happiness. Selections from his work have been translated into French, Italian, Rumanian, Russian, Swedish, Polish, and Czechoslovakian. Teillier lives near Santiago, Chile.


JORGE TEILLIER, who has been called the most important Chilean poet of his generation, was born in Lautaro, in the south of Chile, in 1935. Teillier studied history and geography at the University of Chile, and was later made editor of the University's Bulletin. He began writing poems when he was twelve, and his first book of poetry, Para angeles y gorriones (Fro Angels and Sparrows), was published when he was twenty-one. The author of twelve collections of poems, Teillier has also written many short stories and essays.
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