Business Ethics and Common Sense

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This book takes a different approach to business ethics. Some of the contributors take a more popular collectivist approach, but many of them do not. Thus, the book offers a more balanced presentation of business ethics than that found in most books on the subject.


Part 1 Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics: Teaching Business Ethics in an Environment of Mistrust, Tibor Machan; Selfishness, Exploitation and the Profit Motive, Antony Flew; Capitalism and Morality - The Role of Practical Reason, Douglas B. Rasmussen; Business - Myth and Morality, James E. Chesner; Ayn Rand's Objectivist Ethics as the Foundation of Business Ethics, Jerry Kirkpartick; What is the Public Interest?, Roger Koppl. Part 2 Relationships Between the Corporation and Outsiders: Are Anticompetitive Practices Unethical?, D.T. Armentano; To Whom Does the Corporation Owe a Duty?, George C.S. Benson; Corporate Social Responsibility, Douglas J. Den Uyl; Business Environmental Ethics, Robert E. Gordon. Part 3 Responsibilities of the Corporation to Insiders: Ethical Issues in Acquisitions and Mergers, Robert W. McGee; Ethics and Affirmative Action - A Managerial Approach, Rosalyn W. Berne and R. Edward Freeman; Ethical Behaviour in Labour Relations, Bevars D. Mabry; Insider Trading, Robert W. McGee and Walter E. Block. Part 4 Responsibilities of Employees and the Corporation: Conflicts of Interest, George C.S. Benson; Ethical Dilemmas of Management Accountants, Wiliam K. Grollman and Joan L. Van Hise; The Ethics of Computer Activities, Riva Wenig Bickel; Codes of Ethics, Leo Ryan.


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