Visions of the Future: Chemistry and Life Science

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Juli 2001



Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments.


Preface J. M. T. Thompson; Part I. Atoms and Molecules in Motion: 1. Laser snapshots of molecular motions Gareth Roberts; 2. Enzymology takes a quantum leap forward Michael J. Sutcliffe and Nigel S. Scrutton; Part II. New Processes and Materials: 3. World champion chemists: people versus computers Jonathan M. Goodman; 4. Chemistry on the inside: green chemistry in mesoporous materials Duncan J. Macquarrie; 5. Diamond thin films: a 21st century material Paul W. May; Part III. Biological Growth and Form: 6. The secret of nature's microscopic patterns Alan R. Hemsley and Peter C. Griffiths; 7. Skeletal structure: synthesis of mechanics and cell biology Marjolein C. H. van der Meulen and Patrick J. Prendergast; Part IV. Understanding the Human Body: 8. The making of the virtual heart Peter Kohl, Denis Noble, Raimond L. Winslow and Peter Hunter; 9. Exploring human organs with computers Paul J. Kolston; Part V. Understanding the Human Mind: 10. Reverse engineering the human mind Vincent Walsh.


'... you can't deny the excitement the writers felt for what they are doing; and in these secular times such excitement must serve to replace the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.' Sir Brian Pippard, Times Higher Education Supplement 'I enjoyed these glimpses of what is going on and (always a good sign) the book left me wishing for more.' David Birkett, Chemistry in Britain
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