The Letters of Matthew Arnold.Volume 1: 1829-1859

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Januar 2002



In this final volume of the Virginia edition of Arnold's letters, Arnold joins for the last time a Royal Commission on Education, traveling first to Germany, and then on to Switzerland and Paris. Following his wife and younger daughter, Arnold also makes his second American visit, this time to see "the Midget", his first grandchild. Both missions reveal his well-known and characteristic zest for people and places -- new acquaintances, new scenery, the total experience of living -- observing, absorbing, recording, and moving on.Finally, with maximum nostalgia and minimum regret, he resigns the inspectorship of schools in which he had spent nearly all of his adult existence and settles down, in sweet, bucolic content, to the life of a country squire. Then, tragically, abruptly, and predictably, it screeches to a halt. Manifestly, he had lived daily with intimations of mortality.The series-cumulative index included with this volume is an invaluable resource for tracking Arnold's records of his active life.


Cecil Y. Lang was Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Virginia. He was the editor of "The Swinburne Letters, New Writings of Swinburne, "and "The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle, and coeditor of The Tennyson Letters."
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