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A compilation of definitions, terms, and critical commentary on aspects of sustainable development and environmental policy, with a strong emphasis on policy tools, policy practices, and systems of international environmental governance.


Gustavo Arcia Duke University
William Ascher Duke University
Fikret Berkes University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Garry D. Brewer University of California
Danile W> Bromley University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ronald D. Brunner University of Colorado at Boulder
Elsa Chang World Resources Institute
Tim W. Clark Yale University
Helen Corbett

Gerald A. Emison US Environmental Protection Agency
Robert G. Healy Duke University
Randall A. Kramer Duke University
Natalia S. Mirovitskaya Duke University
Norman Myers
Renat A. Perelet Russian Academy of
Steve Rayner Columbia University
Dennis A. Rondinelli University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Daniel Sarewitz Columbia University
Sudhir Shetty World Bank
Marvin S. Soroos
North Carolina State University
Toddi A. Steelman
University of Colorado at Denver
Susan E. Subak Natural Resources Defense Council
Susanne Swibold

Ian Walsh University of Wales, College of Cardiff


Natalia Mirovitskaya is Visiting Research Fellow of Public Policy at Duke University. She is the author of "Biological Resources of the Ocean: International Aspects" and numerous other publications on international environmental policy and resource management.William L. Ascher is Vice President, Dean of the Faculty, and Donald C. McKenna Professor of Government and Economics at Claremont McKenna College in California. His numerous books include "Natural Resource Policymaking in Developing Countries, "coauthored with Robert Healy and also published by Duke University Press. Mirovitskaya and Ascher are also coauthors of "The Caspian Sea: A Quest for Environmental Security."


"This useful and unusual resource brings together a large number of interrelating concepts on an important and contentious issue." - Lynton K. Caldwell, author of International Environmental Policy: From the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century
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