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September 2001



Examines Asian staging of Western canonical theater, particularly Shakespeare's plays, arguing that intercultural performance questions the settled assumptions we bring to our interpretations of familiar texts.


Contents - Reading the intercultural - Culture of reading; Intercultural signs - Textual Anthropology; Desire, laughter and the social unconscious; Historicizing the unconscious in Plautine and Shakespearean farce; Coriolanus and the historical text; Macbeth in Kunju opera


Antony Tatlow was Professor and Head of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong for many years before assuming his current position as Professor of Comparative Literature and Coordinator of the Graduate Centre for Arts Research at the University of Dublin. His previous books include "The Mask of Evil: Brecht's Response to the Poetry, Theatre, and Thought of China and Japan."


"This work by Antony Tatlow is timely, original, and provocatively and lucidly written. Its theoretical and analytic sophistication makes it a welcome exemplum of East-West comparative study-one that rings with the authority of a seasoned eyewitness no less than that of an erudite thinker." - Anthony Yu, University of Chicago "An interesting and commendable contribution to Shakespeare studies and comparative literature. Tatlow has a cogent, complex, and distinctive point of view. " - Hugh H. Grady, author of Shakespeare and Modernity: Early Modern to Millennium
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