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Juni 2002



Analysis of how Heidegger, Brecht, Habermas, Adorno, and other German thinkers came to terms with the proliferation of technologies--technologies of bureaucratic democracy, of surveillance and military conquest, and those that affect the human psyche and


Contents: Democracy and technology in the intellectual life of the ill-fated "German century" John P. McCormick Yale University I Rationality and politics at the outset of the century Love, passion and maturity: Nietzche and Weber on science, morality and politics Tracy B. Strong University of California, San Diego II Strategies of progressive political action in an age of technological transformation Post-Utopian Marxism: Lukacs and the dilemmas of organization Andrew Feenberg San Diego State University Herbert Marcuse: A critical retrospective from Berlin to Berkeley Richard Wolin City University of New York III Socio-literary theory: Unlikely sources for a critique of capitalism? History lesson on the S-Bahn: Brecht's cartography of capital Richard Dienst Rutgers University The Geist in the machine: Freud, the uncanny and technology Gia Pascarelli Sacred Hear University IV Society and state as machine in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich The soul in the age of society and technology: Helmuth Plessner's defensive liberalism Jan-Werner Muller All Souls College, Oxford University Leviathan in the 1930s: The reception of Hobbes in the Third Reich David Dyzenhaus University of Toronto V Theories of technocracy in two post-war Germanies Revisionism and orthodoxy: Stalinism and political thought in the German Democratic Republic's founding decade Peter C. Caldwell Rice University Unsolved paradoxes: Conservative political thought in Adenauer's Germany William E. Scheuerman University of Minnesota VI Throwing off the yoke of "the German Master" Destruktion or recovery?: Leo Strauss's critique of Heidegger Steven B. Smith Yale University A critical versus genealogical "questioning" of technology: Notes on how not to read Adorno and Horkheimer John P. McCormick Yale University Provocation and appropriation: Hannah Arendt's response to Heidegger Richard J. Bernstein The New School VII Critical democratic theory at century's end: Law, language, gender, culture Disembodying democracy: Gendered discourse in Habermas's legalistic turn Nancy S. Love Pennsylvania State University Reversing the dialectic of enlightenment: The Reenchantment of the world Seylia Benhabib Harvard University


John McCormick is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University. He is the author of "Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberalism: Against Politics as Technology."


"The contributors to Confronting Mass Democracy and Industrial Technology are a highly diverse yet uniformly first-rate lot. This rich volume is sure to attract scholarly attention in a variety of fields. There is nothing else like it in print." - Stephen Holmes, Princeton University
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