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Dezember 2001



A collection of essays and case studies on Latin America which suggest new historiographical approaches and political strategies, linking materialist analysis to constructivist understandings of power, meaning, identity, and agency.


Contents: I The politics of writing Latin American history Reclaiming 'the political' at the turn of the millennium Gilbert M. Joseph Yale University New publics, new politics, new histories: From economic reductionism to cultural reductionism in search of dialectics Emilia Viotti da Costa Yale University Between tragedy and promise: The politics of writing Latin American history in the late twentieth century Steve J. Stern University of Wisconsin II The contestation of historical narratives and memory The decline of the progressive planter and the rise of subaltern agency: Shifting narratives of slave emancipation in Brazil Barbara Weinstein SUNY-Stony Brook A past to do justice to the present: Collective memory, historical representation and rule in Bahia's cacao area Mary Ann Mahony University of Notre Dame Revolutionary nationalism and local memories in El Salvador Jeffrey L. Gould Indiana University III Articulating the political: The intersection of class, race, gender, sexuality and generation The flight from the fields reconsidered: Gender ideologies and women's labor after slavery in Jamaica Diana Paton Oxford University A more onerous citizenship: Illness, race and nation in republican Guatemala Greg Grandin Duke University Nationalism, race and the politics of imperialism: Workers and North American capital in the Chilean copper industry Thomas Miller Klubock Georgetown University Good wives, bad girls and unfaithful men: Family negotiations and sexual conflicts in the Chilean agrarian reform, 1964-1973 Heidi Tinsman University of California, Irvine III Historians and the making of history Bearing witness in hard times: Ethnography and testimonio in a postrevolutionary age Florencia E. Mallon University of Wisconsin A final reflection on the political Daniel James Indiana University


Gilbert M. Joseph is Farnam Professor of History and Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University and Editor of the "Hispanic American Historical Review." Most recently he has coedited "Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural History of U.S.-Latin American Relations" and "Fragments of a Golden Age: The Politics of Culture in Mexico Since 1940, " also published by Duke University Press.


"The magnificence of this volume lies in Viotti da Costa's plea for political engagement and intellectual integrity, as well as in the superb scholarship that rises to her challenge. This book will inspire a new generation of scholars and teachers of Latin American history to reengage their work and lives in the new politics and political issues bubbling up around the edges of the neoliberal order of global capitalism."--Brooke Larson, author of "Cochabamba, 1550-1900: Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia"
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