State of the Union: NY and the Civil War

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Januar 2002



Three years ago, in celebration of the publication of The Union Preserved: A Guide to the Civil War Records in the New York State Archives, the New York State Archives Partnership Trust, a program of the New York State Education Department, held a two-day symposium featuring research by leading scholars on New York's role in the Civil War. The symposium brought together a broad spectrum of attendees from the Lincoln Forum, Civil War re-enactors, Civil War Roundtable members, students, local historians, educators, and history enthusiasts.As the most populous state at the time of the Civil War, New York was central to winning the war. The state not only provided the most men and materiel, but was also the Norths economic center as well as an important center of political and social activism. Inhabited by increasing numbers of immigrant groups, abolitionists, and an emerging free black community, New York's social and political environment was a microcosm of the larger social and political conflict being played out in the war. The symposium addressed these tensions by examining the role of women, blacks, Native Americans, and European immigrant groups in New York, particularly the various perspectives held by members of each group regarding the war effort. The symposium examined the difficulties Abraham Lincoln faced in keeping New York favorable to his policies. It revealed the tremendous sacrifice New York made in the military campaign, as well as the treatment of Confederate soldiers at New York's Elmira Prison Camp. The State of the Union, is a compilation of the papers presented at the symposium.


Harold Holzer is Vice-President for Communications at The Metropolitian Museum of Art, and has authored, co-authored, and edited 16 books, including The Union Preserved. Jeff Shaara is author of several historical novels, including Gods and Generals, The Last Full Measure, and Gone For Soldiers.
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