Volunteer Tourism

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Volunteer tourism describes a field of tourism in which travelers visit a destination and take part in projects in the local community. Projects are commonly nature-based, people-based or involve restoration of buildings and artifacts. Contemporary volunteer tourism has tended to suffer from a lack of differentiation from other forms of tourism or volunteering, falling into areas such as alternative tourism, international volunteering, social work and conservation corps work. The aim of this book is to provide it with a more specific identity. This book provides an overview of the phenomenon of volunteer tourism, its sources and its development as a concept, a focus on the potential positive social and environmental benefits of volunteer tourism, and the prerequisites for a successful experience.


Alternate tourism experiences; volunteer tourism experiences; the volunteer tourist's experience - self and identity; the site, social value and the self; modelling the volunteer experience; developing a volunteer tourism theory.


"Tourism research, it appears, is wallowing helplessly in a morass of types, definitions, and theoretical positions that frequently conflict and, when considered together, invariably confuse. Although Volunteer Tourism contributes in many ways to tourism studies, its attempt at conceptual clarification may well stand as its greatest gift to this field. ... [A]lternative tourism, particularly the volunteer kind, is hardly the norm in today's tourism industry ... Nevertheless, Wearing recommends that tourist operators ensure local participation in tourism developments and do so by building on such resources as community skill, knowledge, and culture. To the extent this is done, alternative forms of tourism can exist independently of mass tourism as well as become a vehicle with which tourist communities can effect greater control over their own destinies."--Robert A. Stebbins, FRSC, University of Calgary, Canada
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