Mark Twain: Social Philosopher

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November 2001



A study of Mark Twain's social and political attitudes. It traces the growth of Twain's convictions and shows his relationship to the age in which he lived. The text is based on research in newspapers of the day, personal letters and other material, as well as analysis of works by Twain.


Louis J. Budd is James B. Duke Professor of English, Emeritus, at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He is the editor of Mark Twain: The Contemporary Reviews and the author of Our Mark Twain: The Making of His Public Personality.


"Much has been written about Mark Twain's social and political attitudes, but Mark Twain: Social Philosopher is the most comprehensive study of the subject that has been made. Mr. Budd's treatment is thorough and detailed, supported by illuminating analysis and plentiful documentation. He presents his material well in a forthright, readable style that moves at a springy pace agreeably free from academic heavy-footedness."-Indiana Magazine of History "Louis J. Budd performs the service of tracing the growth of Twain's social and political convictions and thus showing his relationship to the age in which he lived....Based upon extensive research in newspapers of the day, the personal letters, and other little-known material, as well as intensive analysis of the most relevant works by Twain, Budd's careful and balanced study is an important contribution."-Modern Fiction Newsletter "Budd is one of those rare and highly-to-be-prized people who consistently say good things in a graceful way. Writing about Mark Twain in a fashion that would not make Mark Twain swear if he read the result is a test not often passed. Professor Budd passes it with flying colors."-Mississippi Quarterly "Well written, vital, filled with a sharpness and humor reminiscent of Twain himself, [Mark Twain: Social Philosopher] is a penetrating and sustained analysis of Twain's development as a social critic, and shows his interest in the social issues of his day. It is a model of good criticism, honest analysis, and fine writing."-American Writers in Rebellion "Anyone who wants to read Mark Twain against the changing background of his time will turn with gratitude to Mr. Budd's patient, unpretentious, and revealing book."-Virginia Quarterly Review
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