Messianic Judaism: A Critical Anthology

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Mai 2000



Who are the Messianic Jews? What do they believe and practice? What is the Jewish community's reaction to the development of Messianic Judaism? In this pioneering study, Dan Cohn-Sherbok traces the development of the Messianic movement from ancient times to its transformation after World War II. Focusing on the nature of the movement today, the volume continues with a detailed examination of Messianic practices, and the place of Messianic Judaism within the contemporary Jewish community.


Rabbi Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok has a Ph.D. in theology from Cambridge University, UK, and an honorary doctorate in divinity from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, USA. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Judaism, University of Wales: Honorary Professor, University of Aberstwyth: Visiting Professor at St Mary's University College and York St John University; and Visiting Research Fellow at Heythrop College, University of London. He has written numerous books, including The Paradox of Anti-Semitism, Dictionary of Jewish Biography," Atlas of Jewish History, Modern Judaism and Judaism Today."


"Cohn-Sherbok has done a commendable job of depicting the history and practice of Messianic Judaism in ancient and modern times in what wil no doubt prove to be a valuable and user-friendly resource for Messianic Jews and those interested in the movement. The author has also done a service to Messianic Jews. By taking the time and effort to dedicate a fair-handed book to the movement, Cohn-Sherbok has aided the Messianic Jewish movement in its quest for recognition, affirmation, and acceptance by the wider Jewish community." Akiva Cohen, Mishkan
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