Brain-Shaped Mind

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August 2001



Neural networks are used to explore how the brain's structure influences the mind.


Preface; Figure permissions and acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. What the brain cannot tell us about the mind; 3. How neurons form networks; 4. Theories and models of how the mind functions; 5. What are connectionist networks?; 6. How our networks learn; 7. Connecting the networks: how different things are related; 8. Evidence for connectionist models; 9. Two different types of memory; 10. Coping with disaster; 11. Practical implications; 12. Criticism of connectionist theory; Annotated references and suggested readings; Index.


Born in New York, Naomi Goldblum was originally educated in mathematics at the Yeshiva University. She later moved to Israel where, at the Hebrew University, she extended her interests to the field of psychology. Her doctorate was entitled 'A psycholinguistic study of the metaphor'. Naomi Goldblum is now a lecturer in psychology at Bar-Ilan University, where she specialises in cognitive psychology, in particular psycholinguistics and the processes involved in creative endeavours.


'The book is indeed easy to understand. It is well structured, minimally technical in its terminology, informative, and argumentatively clear. Readers interested in a basic understanding of what is known today about the human brain would definitely find this book valuable; and teachers of the non-neuroscience-oriented cognitive sciences, particularly cognitive psychology and cognitive linguistics, might find it a useful introduction to brain research for their students.' Jyh Wee Sew, CHIJ ST Theresa's Convent, Singapore
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