Census and Identity: The Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Language in National Censuses

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Februar 2009



Examines how states pigeon-hole people within categories of race, ethnicity and language.


1. Censuses, identity formation, and the struggle for political power David I. Kertzer and Dominique Arel; 2. Racial categorization in censuses Melissa Nobles; 3. Ethnic categorization in censuses: comparative observations from Israel, Canada, and the United States Calvin Goldscheider; 4. Language categories in censuses: backward- or forward-looking? Dominique Arel; 5. The debate on resisting identity categorization in France Alain Blum; 6. On counting, categorizing, and violence in Burundi and Rwanda Peter Uvin; 7. Identity counts: the Soviet legacy and the census in Uzbekistan David Abramson.


David Kertzer is Professor of Social Science, and Professor of Anthropology and History, Brown University. He was National Book Award Finalist for The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, and is the author of Politics and Symbols (1996), Sacrificed for Honor (1993), Ritual Politics and Power (1988), Comrades and Christians (1980), and several other books. Among his recent edited books are Anthropological Demography (with Tom Fricke, 1997) and Aging the Past (with Peter Laslett (1995). Dominique Arel is Assistant Professor (Research), Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University. He has chapters in Multinational Democracies (Cambridge, 2001) and in other scholarly journals.


'Apart from being essential for cross-cultural health researchers readers will also find specific chapters on Uzbekistan, Burundi and Rwanda and France as well as comparative material for Europe. I thorough recommend that health service researchers read this book.' International Journal of Social Psychiatry '... rich materials ... a stimulating book ...'. International Sociology '... splendid ... Although many have remarked on the relevance of censuses for contemporary minority issues and identity politics, this is the first collaborative volume that addresses the issue comparatively.' Journal of Peace Research
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