An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology

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Introductory textbook on mathematical cosmology for beginning graduate students, now updated and with new material.


Preface to first edition; Preface to second edition; 1. Some basic concepts and an overview of cosmology; 2. Introduction to general relativity; 3. The Robertson-Walker metric; 4. The Friedmann models; 5. The Hubble constant and the deceleration parameter; 6. Models with a cosmological constant; 7. Singularities in cosmology; 8. The early universe; 9. The very early universe and inflation; 10. Quantum cosmology; 11. The distant future of the universe; Appendix.


Jamal Nazrul Islam received his PhD and ScD from the University of Cambridge. In 1984 he became Professor of Mathematics at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh and is currently Director of the Research Centre for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Chittagong. Professor Islam has held research positions in university departments and institutes throughout the world, and has published numerous papers on quantum field theory, general relativity and cosmology. He has also written and contributed to several books.


"The writing style is clear, concise, and quite technical... Recommended." Choice
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