Recasting American Liberty: Gender, Race, Law, and the Railroad Revolution, 1865 1920

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Mai 2011



Considers the role railroads and streetcars played in transforming the conditions of individual liberty in America.


Part I. The Body: Accidental Injury: 1. The railway journey (i): the technological transformation; 2. Gendered journeys (i): physical vulnerability; 3. The law of accidental injury; Junction: pain and suffering; Part II. Mind and Body: Nervous Shock: 4. The railway journey (ii): the psychological transformation; 5. Gendered journeys (ii): psychological vulnerability; 6. The law of nervous shock; Junction: truth, legal storytelling, and the performance of injury; Part III. Person: Racial Segregation: 7. The Railway journey (iii): the spatial transformation; 8. Gendered journeys (iii): status vulnerability; 9. The law of racial segregation.


"In this well-written book, Barbara Young Welke offers a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis...[her] book should appeal to scholars in many fields, especially those interested in law..." American Journal of Sociology "Welke has written a perceptive and intriguing analysis that not only sheds light on the social and communal effects of rail traffic but also provide a glimpse of the personal consequences of technological change, safety regulations, and policy decisions...This well-organized and extensively documented work considers the significance of such issues as physical and psychological injuries associated with rail traffic as well as the role that gendered policies and racial segregation played in the meaning of individual liberty in industrializing the US." Choice "[An] outstanding work of social and legal history..." Journal of Interdisciplinary History "Welke's study...is a welcome addition to the growing literature on how railroading shaped legal culture. Based upon meticulous research in legal records, it will stimulate debate and deserves a large audience." H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
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