Venice's Mediterranean Colonies: Architecture and Urbanism

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This 2001 text examines the dynamic relationship between colonizer and colony through architecture and urbanism.


Introduction: Venice's empire; Part I. Constructing an Empire: 1. The city as locus of colonial rule; 2. Signs of power; 3. Venice, the heir of Byzantium; Part II. Mapping the Colonial Territory: 4. Patron saints, relics, and martyria; 5. The blessings of the friars; 6. The Greeks and the city; 7. Segregation within the walls: the Judaica; Part III. Symbols of Colonial Control: 8. Ritualizing colonial practices; 9. Colonialism and the metropole; Conclusion.


Review of the hardback: '... a thought-provoking read ... a fascinating insight into a particular moment in the creation of an imagine of Venetian rule, both in the colonies and within Venice itself.' The Art Book Review of the hardback: '... this is a fascinating and thought-provoking study which should stimulate further consideration of the Venetian empires on sea and land ... well illustrated ...' Journal of Urban History Review of the hardback: '... thoroughly and impressively researched ...' Architectural Research Quarterly
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