China in the Twentieth Century

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Oktober 2001



This overview of twentieth-century history in China tells the story of a fascinating country undergoing political revolutions and social and cultural upheaval.


Authora s Note. Maps. Introduction. 1. The End of the Imperial Monarchy. 2. The Early Republic. 3. The Rise of the Guomindang and the Chinese Communist Party. 4. The War of Resistance against Japan. 5. The New Communist Government. 6. Maoa s Road to Socialism. 7. The Post--Maoist Order. Conclusion. Glossary of Chinese Terms. Bibliography. Index.


Paul J. Bailey is Reader in East Asian History at the University of Edinburgh. He formerly taught at Lingnan College, Hong Kong and the University of Durham, England. His previous publications include Postwar Japan: 1945 to the Present (Blackwell, 1996), Strengthen the Country and Enrich the People: The Reform Writings of Ma Jianzhong 1845--1900 (1998) and Reform the People: Changing Attitudes to Popular Education in Early Twentieth--century China (1991).


"A thoroughly competent study ... the glossary of Chinese terms is especially useful..." Asian Studies Review "In Baileya s account of chinaa s major political milestones in the twentieth century, the selection of facts and his generalisations are sound and convincing. The booka s greatest strength lies in the strategy of presentation [and is] a refreshing departure from the omniscient viewpoint and mononarrative of many texts. The author has accomplished a great deal here... this book deserves very serious consideration for undergraduate and graduate courses." Craig Dietrich, University of Southern Maine, Portland, USA
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