Meanings of War and Peace

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Juni 2001



When the stakes of public words and actions are global and permanent, and especially when they involve war and peace, can we afford not to seek their meaning? For three decades, Francis A. Beer has pioneered the effort to discover, describe, and connect pieces of the complex puzzle of war, peace, their interrelationship, and their causes.In this volume, Beer (joined by colleagues as coauthors of some chapters) examines the cognitive, behavioral, and linguistic dimensions of war and peace. Language, he shows, is important because it mediates between thought and action. It expresses beliefs about war and peace and affects the perceptions of potential adversaries about one's own intentions.Beer examines how language transmits and creates meaning through interaction with specific audiences. His case studies include the Somalian intervention, Sarajevo and the Balkan conflict, and the Gulf War. Moving beyond the discrete words of war, the book takes a broader view of how political participants interact in war and peace through continuous streams of communication that reflect and construct worlds of meaning.This volume brings together insights and evidence from political science, cognitive psychology, linguistics, history, and rhetorical studies and applies them in a focused way to the problem of war and peace.


Francis A. Beer is a professor of political science at the University of Colorado. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and has published six books and monographs, including "Peace against War: The Ecology of International Violence" and "Post-Realism: The Rhetorical Turn in International Relations, " co-edited with Robert Hariman.
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