Galileo in Context

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Juli 2002



This 2001 text explores the intellectual, cultural and social contexts that substantially shaped Galilean science.


Introduction Jurgen Renn; Part I. The Context of the Practitioners: Mechanics and its New Objects: 1. Galileo engineer: art and modern science Wolfgang Lefevre; 2. Hunting the white elephant: when and how did Galileo discover the Law of Fall? Jurgen Renn, Peter Damerow and Simone Rieger; Part II. The Context of the Artists: Astronomy and its New Representations: 3. Gazing hands and blind spots: Galileo as draftsman Horst Bredekamp; 4. The virgin and the telescope: the moons of Cigoli and Galileo Sara Booth and Albert van Helden; Part III. The Contexts of the Church, Patrons and Colleagues: New Science and Traditional Power Structures: 5. Recent narratives on Galileo and the church: or the three dogmas of the Counter-Reformation Rivka Feldhay; 6. Gassendi and l'Affaire Galilee of the Laws of Motion Paolo Galluzzi; 7. Replication or monopoly? The economies of invention and discovery in Galileo's observations of 1610 Mario Biagioli; Appendix: A forgotten controversy: Introductory note Jurgen Renn; Raffaello Caverni and his History of the Experimental Method in Italy Giuseppe Castagnetti and Michele Camerota; An excerpt from History of the Experimental Method in Italy Raffaello Caverni; Antonio Favaro and the Edizione Nazionale of Galileo's Works Giuseppe Castagnetti and Michele Camerota; Apocryphal Galilean writings Antonio Favaro; Emil Wohlwill, Galileo and His Battle for the Copernican System Hans-Werner Schutt; The discovery of the parabolic shape of the projectile trajectory Emil Wohlwill.


'This is an excellent anthology of original essays ... the editor and publisher are to be commended for issuing this work, which first appeared in 2000 as a special double issue of the journal Science in Context, in book form. it is essential for specialists and useful for anyone wanting to learn more about Galileo's work.' ISIS '... this collection is a worthy addition to the literature on Galileo ... some stimulating and original contributions ... In all this is a stimulating collection covering some new terrain in Galileo studies ...' Metascience 'What we have here is a collection of meticulously detailed studies of various aspects of Galileo, his work, and his impact on the following generation. All should be regarded as essential reading for anyone interested in Galileo and his historical context ...' The British Journal for the History of Philosophy
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