Intellectual Discourse and the Politics of Modernization: Negotiating Modernity in Iran

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In this thought-provoking book, Ali Mirsepassi explores the concept of modernity and exposes the Eurocentric prejudices underlying its development. He provides a new interpretation of Islamic Fundamentalism through a detailed analysis of the ideas of key Islamic intellectuals and argues that the Iranian Revolution was not a simple clash between modernity and tradition but an attempt to accommodate modernity within a sense of authentic Islamic identity and culture. He concludes by assessing the future of secularism and democracy in the Middle East in general, and in Iran in particular.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: modernity and 'culture'; 1. Western narratives of modernity; 2. Reconciling with the West's other; 3. The crisis of secularism and the rise of political Islam; 4. Islam as a modernizing ideology: Al-e Ahmad and Shari'ati; 5. German intellectuals and the culture of modernity; 6. The tragedy of the Iranian left; 7. Modernities of our time; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"...an excellent addition to the on-going debates in sociology and the Middle East." Contemporary Sociology
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