The Economics of Technological Diffusion

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This book presents a detailed overview of the economics of technological diffusion in all its various dimensions. Topics covered include:
Game-theoretic approaches to the modelling of technological change
Finance and technological change
Technological change in international trade.


List of Tables.List of Figures.Preface.Part I: Introduction and Empirical Observations Upon the Diffusion Process.1. By Way of an Introduction and Guide.2. Empirical Patterns in the Diffusion of Innovations.Part II: The Theory of Technological Diffusion.3. The Intertemporal Demand for Stand-alone Technologies.4. Risk and Uncertainty.5. Multiple Technologies, Complementary Inputs, Network Externalities and General Purpose Technologies.6. The Supply Side.Part III: Empirical Analysis of the Diffusion of New Technology.7. Empirical Analysis: An Overview.8. Rank, Stock, Order and Epidemic Effects in Diffusion of New Process Technologies: An Empirical Model.9. The Diffusion of Multiple Process Technologies.10. Testing Alternative Models of New Product Diffusion.Part IV: Diffusion Policy.11. Diffusion Policy: An Introduction.12. Technology Diffusion and Public Policy.13. Technological Diffusion Expectations and Welfare.14. Adoption Subsidies vs. Information Provision as Instruments of Technology Policy.15. The Role of Regulation, Fiscal Incentives and Changes in Taste in the Diffusion of Unleaded Petrol.Part V: Extensions, Applications and Implications.16. Diffusion Analysis: The Wider Implications.17. Technology Adoption and Firm Profitability.18. Employment, Technological Diffusion and Oligopoly.19. Technological Opportunity, Technological Diffusion and Gross Investment: An Inter Industry Approach.20. Future Research Agendas.Index.


Paul Stoneman is Research Professor and Head of the Technological Innovations Research Unit at Warwick Business School. In addition to his research activities he has also acted as an adviser and consultant to both government and private companies on technology-related issues. He is editor of The Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change (Blackwell).
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