The Election of the Century: And What It Tells Us about the Future of American Politics

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Februar 2002



The book places the 2000 presidential and congressional elections into the larger and future context of American politics. Following the introduction by editors Stephen J. Wayne and Clyde Wilcox, the contributors examine a range of topics including "wedge" issues in 2000 -- the economy, foreign policy, and race -- the dimensions of gender, age, and religion; as well as Democratic and Republican party strategies in 2000; the "Clinton effect; " the role of the Internet in campaigns; the future of women in national politics; and political platforms and agendas.


This study looks at the effects of "global" phenomena -- trans-Saharan trade, European expansion, the rise of an Atlantic plantation complex, industrialization, imperialism, colonialism, world wars, growth of a world market, political independence and economic dependence -- on the way of life in Niumi, a small area at the mouth of the Gambia river in West Africa (now called The Gambia), over the last six-seven hundred years. Written in clear, accessible prose, and drawing on archival and oral traditions, the work considers global developments from a local/regional perspective.
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