The Cambridge Ancient History

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September 1982



Volume III, Part III, explores the new prosperity and growth of the young city-states in the eighth to the sixth centuries B.C.


List of maps; List of text-figures; Preface; 36a. The Greeks in the Near East T. F. R. G. Braun; 36b. The Greeks in Egypt T. F. R. G. Braun; 36c. Cyprus V. Karageorghis; 36d. The Cypriot syllabary T. B. Mitford and Olivier Masson; 37. The colonial expansion of Greece A. J. Graham; 38. The western Greeks A. J. Graham; 39a. The eastern Greeks J. M. Cook; 39b. Crete John Boardman; 39c. Cretan laws and society R. F. Willetts; 39d. Euboea and the islands W. G. G. Forrest; 40. Illyris, Epirus and Macedonia N. G. L. Hammond; 41. Central Greece and Thessaly W. G. G. Forrest; 42. The Peloponnese N. G. L. Hammond; 43. The growth of the Athenian state A. Andrewes; 44. The tyranny of Pisistratus A. Andrewes; 45a. Economic and social conditions in the Greek world C. G. Starr; 45b. The material culture of Archaic Greece John Boardman; Chronological table; Bibliography; Index.
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