The Psychology of Women

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August 2001



This book alerts readers to the fact that women's experiences are extremely diverse--even among women of the same class, race, sexual orientation, and religious group. It presents a non-Eurocentric perspective of the psychology of women, and treats women as the norm--taking into consideration such issues as mortality, achievement motivation, aggression, and society's expectations. Up-to-date research includes coverage of eating disorders, sexual violence, sexuality, dating, and career development. The overview's four major sections cover the heritage of the field, development across the life cycle, women and social relationships, and women as victims and survivors. For anyone looking for a better understanding of the psychology of women, and especially for women of college age.


I. HERITAGE OF THE FIELD OF PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN. 1. The Women of Psychology and the Psychology of Women. 2. Perspectives on Research Methodologies. II. DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE LIFE CYCLE. 3. Physical Development Across the Female Life Cycle. 4. Theoretical Perspectives on Women's Personalities and Mental Health. 5. Women's Health Issues. 6. Women's Sexuality, Reproductive Rights, and Reproductive Health. III. WOMEN AND SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS. 7. Verbal and Nonverbal Communications By and About Women. 8. Women and Intimate Relationships. 9. Career Psychology of Women. IV. WOMEN AS VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS. 10. Gender, Power, and Violence Against Women. 11. The Psychology of Women: Equity and Social Change.


Michele Paludi has held faculty positions at Franklin & Marshall College, Kent State University, Hunter College, and most recently Union College. She is a consultant in sexual harassment, offering education and training in issues related to sexual harassment, and was a member of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo's Task Force on Sexual Harassment.
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