Prophets in the Quran: An Introduction to the Quran and Muslim Exegesis

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Juni 2002



An introduction to the Quran with particular emphasis on parallels with Biblical tradition, this work provides a concise but detailed overview of Muslim prophets from Adam to Muhammad. Each of the chapters is organized around a particular prophet and includes an English translation of the verses.


Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Seth; Idris; Noah; Hud; Salih; Abraham; Isaac and Ishmael; Lot; Shuayab; Job; Dhu al-Kifl; People of the Well; People of Ya-Sin; Jonah; Moses and the Israelites; Moses, Khidr and Dhu al-Qarnayn; Joshua and Aaron; Elijah; Elisha; Ezekiel; Samuel and Saul; David; Solomon; Jeremiah; Daniel; Ezra; Zachariah and John the Baptist; Jesus; Disciples of Jesus; People of the Cave; Muhammad.


Brannon Wheeler is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion at the University of Washington in Seattle where he is also coordinator of the new programme in Comparative Islamic Studies. He has published widely on Quranic Studies and Islamic Law with particular focus on the evolution of Islam in late antiquity and the early medieval world of the Mediterranean and Near East.


"[a] useful and accessible tool to understanding Muslim exegesis." Middle East Journal, Winter 2003
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