Electrical Grounding

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This sixth edition has been thoroughly updated in accordance with the 2002 National Electrical Code(, including a major reorganization of sections in Chapter 3 of the NEC and increased use of metric measurements. The author's unique systematic approach has served as an effective path to true understanding of every phase of electrical grounding.


Preface. List of NFPA Materials. Introduction. Grounding. Electrical Theory Applicable to Grounding. Grounding for Safety. Faults. Grounding Electrode System. Grounding Electrode Conductor. Circuit and System Grounding. Grounded Conductor. Main Bonding Jumper.Equipment Grounding Conductor. Equipment and Enclosure Bonding. Equipment and Enclosure Grounding. Grounded Circuit Conductor For Grounding Equipment. Ground-Fault Protective Equipment. System And Circuit Grounding 1 kV and Over. Separately Derived Systems. Two Or More Buildings Supplied By One Service. Calculating Fault Currents. Appendix. Index.
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