Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

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Januar 2001



The biggest single increase in the U.S. defense budget request for modernization spending over the next six years is for ballistic missile defense, including theater and national systems. Engineers, managers, and policy makers will need to stay abreast of the ever-changing state of the art in theater ballistic missile defense.
Very few books in the market cover the special technical and design issues involved in the development of a ballistic missile defense system. Drs. Naveh and Lorber pull together 40 years of experience in Israeli theater missile defense activities and provide in this single volume those special issues, state-of-the-design considerations, technologies, and procedures related to the theater ballistic missile defense arena.


Part 1 Some Historic Aspects: Introduction to Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence; Historical Background; "Arrow" System - From Dream to Reality. Part 2 Threat and Response: Many Facets of Threat Assessment; Defence Policies and Strategies; Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Architecture Development; Anti-Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Process. Part 3 Interoperability, Battle Management and Strategic Considerations: Interoperability Between Defence Systems; External Cueing - Battle Management. Part 4 Guidance and Control in Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence: Anti-Ballistic Missile Interception Guidance; Improved Methodology for Theatre Missile Defence End-Games; Interception of Manoeuvering Targets in Theatre Missile Defence. Part 5 Measures of System Effectiveness and Risk Management: Analytical Methods, Measures of Effectiveness and Simulations; Theatre Missile Defence Systems Readiness and Training; Development-Programmes Risk Management -Principles and a Case Study. Part 6 A Look to the Future: Future Trends in Offence and Defence: Concluding Remarks; Appendix A - Extant Systems for Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence; Appendix B - Gulf War - Intelligence, Early Warning and the Home Front; Appendix C - Author Biographies.
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