Blessings: Transforming My Vietnam Experience

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Oktober 1995



Vietnam veteran Don Yost explores the pain and rage of his experience as a correspondent near Mai Laid in 1968, transforming it through writing to a elegaic and powerful memoir, imbued with a significant message for our time.


Chapter 1 "Nothing Left to Give" Chapter 2 "A Suitable Ransom" Chapter 3 "The Color Green" Chapter 4 "Building the Cross" Chapter 5 "Ultimate Weapon" Chapter 6 "The Apparition" Chapter 7 "Sacred Soil" Chapter 8 "War Doesn't Care" Chapter 9 "You Don't Belong Here" Chapter 10 "Janie Must Have Heard it Too" Chapter 11 "I'm Sorry, Janie" Chapter 12 "Thirty Days to Say Goodbye" Chapter 13 "A Quiet Kind of Heartbreak" Chapter 14 "Don't Mean Nothin'" Chapter 15 "Goody's Last Day" Chapter 16 "The Shrapnel Inside" Chapter 17 "Welcome Home" Chapter 18 "Another Purple Heart" Chapter 19 "I Shouldn't Have Cried" Chapter 20 "Seven-Thirty?" Chapter 21 "Everybody Needs an Excuse" Chapter 22 "Hi, I'm Ellen" Chapter 23 "Institutional Green Is Eternal" Chapter 24 "The Blessings Tree" Chapter 25 "Brothers"


Don Yost served as an infantryman and Combat Correspondent in the area around Mai Lai from 1968 to 1969. He is now Founding President of the Montgomery County, PA Chapter of Vietnam veterans of America and Chairman of 'Operation History Book,' and ongoing project in which Vietnam veterans meet with college and high school students to discuss the Vietnam experience.
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