The Civil War Soldier: A Historical Reader

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September 2002



In 1943 Bell Wiley's groundbreaking book "Johnny Reb" launched a new area of study: the history of the common soldier in the US Civil War. This anthology brings together scholarship on the subject, from a 19th-century account of life as a soldier to contemporary work on women who, disguised as men, joined the army. It offers a host of diverse perspectives on the subject, and should be a good introduction to it for the student and the Civil War enthusiast alike.


"This type of work would be especially valuable for assignment in the classroom." --North & South "Understanding what convinced Civil War soldiers to lay down their lives for "the cause," North AND South, is perhaps the hardest part of teaching about making sense of the war. This excellent collection of selections from leading scholars on who the soldiers were, how they lived, and why they fought is a fine introduction to years of research that seeks to answer that question." --Janet Coryell, Western Michigan University "Presenting a variety of viewpoints, the book will be of interest to all Civil War devotees." --Booklist, August 2002 "This is a fine collection which lends itself to classroom use and to the edification of non-specialists." -- Indiana Magazine of History "In The Civil War Soldier: A Historical Reader, Michael Barton and Larry M. Logue present a valuable anthology of classic works and recent scholarship on the rank and file." --The Journal of Southern History "This is a nice anthology, embodying much of the best available work on the Civil War soldier. It is a fine addition to the personal library, the university library, and to many a course syllabus." --Journal of Military History "This Civil War sampler combines 19th-century battlefield accounts with past and contemporary scholoarship to offer a broad perspective on the historiographical issues scholars have raised concerning the soldiers' total experience."--Library Journal
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