The U.S. Army War College: Military Education in a Democracy

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Juni 2002



Helps readers learn about the faculty, staff, administration, and curriculum of the US Army War College. Established in 1901, the school's mission has evolved from teaching the skills of war to training officers to negotiate both the complex world of modern strategy and the civilian bureaucracy in Washington.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The War Colleges 2. A History of the Army War College 3. Army War College Students 4. Army War College Faculty 5. The Carlisle Experience 6. The Cold War Curriculum at the Army War College 7. The Curriculum in Transition, 1989-90 8. The Peacetime Curriculum 9. Army War College Administrators and College Policymakers Conclusion Notes Index Photographs follow page 2O0


"Judith Stiehm's book provides an excellent history of the U.S. Army College and highlights the importance of quality professional military education in maintaining the strength of the U.S. military. She raises insightful and important questions that should be carefully considered by military officers and policy-makers alike in evaluating the future of the war colleges and the education they provide." --The Honorable Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee "In this well-researched and crisply written book, Stiehm, a long-time student of military affairs, takes us inside the Army War College. She not only makes us aware of its faculty, staff, administration and curriculum, but also makes specific recommendations for how the War College may serve the military and nation better." --Lawrence J. Korb, Director of Studies at the Council On Foreign Relations and former Assistant Secretary of Defense "A thoughtful and well-researched study of the Army's prestigious senior service college. The reader has much to consider in drawing his or her own conclusions about the college and its proper direction in a constantly-changing world." --BG Evelyn " Pat " Foote, USA ( Ret.) AWC Faculty 1979-82 "This readable and insightful review of the Army War College is a must for Army professionals and elected or appointed civilian leaders with oversight. Stiehm has documented both strengths and weaknesses of the Army's institutional education of its future strategic leaders. Unfortunately, as she clearly documents, the balance is not as positive as the future demands. Her critique can contribute in major ways, to the development of the future leadership of the Army Profession." --Don M. Snider, Professor of Political Science, US Military Academy, West Point "The Army War College is one of America's most significant institutions and--until now--least examined. We are greatly indebted to Stiehm who gives us both a candid description and an incisive blueprint of how to improve the Army's education of senior officers." --Charles Moskos, Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University
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