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August 2002



Something is wrong with our agricultural and food systems. Despite great progress in increasing productivity in the last century, hundreds of millions of people remain hungry and malnourished. Can nothing be done or is it time for the expansion of another sort of agriculture, founded on more ecological principles, and in harmony with people, their societies and cultures?This book draws on many stories of successful transformation. A sustainable agriculture making the best of nature and people's knowledge and collective capacities has been showing increasingly good promise. Everyone is in favor of sustainability, yet few go seriously beyond the fine words. This book shows that there is no alternative to radical reform of national agricultural, rural and food policies, and institutions - the time has come for the next agricultural revolution.


Preface to a Revolution * Landscapes Lost and Found * Monoscapes * Reality Cheques * Food for All * Only Reconnect * Genetic Dislocations * Ecological Literacy * Crossing the Internal Frontiers * Notes * References * Index


Jules Pretty is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex. His other books include The Living Land, Regenerating Agriculture and Unwelcome Harvest.


'A coherent challenge to the agrochemical orthodoxy.' BBC Wildlife 'A compelling read.' Permaculture Magazine 'This book isn't 'food for thought' it's a veritable banquet!' Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter 'This excellent book sets out the responsibilities for all farmers, consumers, agri-businessmen, politicians... in pursuing the path of sustainable agriculture.' New Agriculturist Online 'Filled with successful examples from around the world, Agri-Culture calls for a radical reform of the institutions and policies that control our food.' The Ecologist 'There is much in this book which is of compelling interest to anyone who wants to understand what is happening to farming and farmers.' Jersey Evening Post 'His chapter on 'The Genetics Controversy' is the best balanced and most easily understood that I have ever seen and I would recommend the book for this alone.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 'A wealth of detailed references.' Resurgence 'Agri-culture is particularly strong on weaving stories and case studies among the facts to make a case.' The Times Higher Supplement 'Pretty has made a deliberate attempt to make this more of an essay than a text book, in order to popularise the issues more widely. The text is engaging and easy to read without becoming 'fluffy'.' Seedling 'As with all Jules Pretty's books, the presentation is very thorough, referencing impressive and end notes informative.' EAAP News 'A passionate analysis of what Pretty sees as being wrong with our agricultural and food systems.' Environmental Politics
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