The Fountain Light: Studies in Romanticism and Religion Essays in Honor of John L. Mahoney

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Januar 2002



It has often been suggested that Romanticism of its very nature has affinities with religious quest and spiritual value. These new essays, written in honor of distinguished eighteenth-century and Romantic scholar John L. Mahoney, explore the intersection of Romanticism and religion. They range from broad considerations of this relationship in several Romantic writers to close readings of individual poems. The collection breaks new ground in the exploration of the role of religion in the Romantics experience and will be of interest not only to scholars of Romanticism and historians of nineteenth-century religion, but to anyone interested in the intellectual life of the nineteenth-century England.


J. ROBERT BARTH, S.J. is James P. McIntyre Professor of English at Boston College and is author of several books, including Coleridge and Christian Doctrine and co-editor of The Symbolic Imagination: Coleridge and the Romantic Tradition.


.,."a very deep and wide-reaching collection of thoughtful, provocative, and gratifying essyas."
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