Progress and Problems in Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Edward Miller

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April 2002



A series of essays on the society and economy of England between the eleventh and the sixteenth centuries.


Edward Miller: an appreciation George Holmes;
1. Economic development in the early twelfth century Edmund King;
2. Lothian and beyond: the economy of the 'English empire' of David I Ian Blanchard;
3. Boroughs, markets and trade in northern England, 1000-1216 Richard Britnell;
4. Peasant deer poachers in the medieval forest Jean Birrell;
5. The growth of London in the medieval economy Pamela Nightingale;
6. The bankruptcy of the Scali of Florence in England, 1326-8 Edmund Fryde;
7. The English export trade in cloth in the early fourteenth century Wendy R. Childs;
8. A medieval tax haven: Berwick upon Tweed and the English crown, 1333-1461 Anthony Tuck;
9. Taxation and communities in late medieval England Christopher Dyer;
10. Peasants and the collapse of the manorial economy on some Ramsey Abbey estates J. A. Raftis;
11. The famuli in the later middle ages David Farmer;
12. The great slump of the mid fifteenth century John Hatcher;
13. Lorenzo de' Medici's London branch George Holmes;
14. The trade of late medieval Chester Jenny Kermode.


'These fourteen essays all repay close reading. The book is a magnificent tribute to a great scholar.' Trevor John, University of Warwick '... stimulating, challenging, argumentative and altogether a fitting tribute to one of our most distinguished medieval historians'. English Historical Review
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