Clovis Blade Technology: A Comparative Study of the Keven Davis Cache, Texas

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April 2002



This book offers the first comprehensive study of a little-known aspect of Clovis culture -- stone blade technology. Michael Collins introduces the topic with a close look at the nature of blades and the techniques of their manufacture, followed by a discussion of the full spectrum of Clovis lithic technology and how blade production relates to the production of other stone tools. He then provides a full report of the discovery and examination of fourteen blades found in 1988 in the Keven Davis Cache in Navarro County, Texas. Collins concludes with a comparative study of known and presumed Clovis blades from many sites, a discussion of Clovis caching practices, and a consideration of what lithic technology and caching behavior can add to our knowledge of Clovis lifeways.


"In this book, Michael Collins ... demonstrates why he is considered one of the leading researchers in the field of lithic analysis. The work offers a masterful review and synthesis of Clovis blade technology with lucid prose and lavish illustrations... I recommend this book for all professional and avocational archaeologists interested in Paleoindian occupations of the New World." - Illinois Archaeology "This book makes an important contribution to a newly revived debate on the significance of the Clovis phenomenon and the timing and migration routes of the peopling of the New World more generally." - SAS Bulletin
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