The Necessity of Artspeak: The Language of the Arts in the Western Tradition

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Mai 2003



Are contemporary art theorists and critics speaking a language that has lost its meaning? This book takes a linguistic approach to the key issues and shows that what have been considered problems of aesthetics and artistic justification often have their source in underlying linguistic assumptions.


Introduction - Artspeak and necessity - Part I: Traditional artspeak - Artspeak in antiquity - With glory not their own - The rise and fall of beauty - Part II: Artspeak modern - Artspeak and the machine - The flight from meaning - Cultivating the primitive - Finding the words - Part III: Artspeak and communication - Surrogational artspeak - The artspeak contract - The devil's question - Postscript


Roy Harris is Emeritus Professor of General Linguistics at the University of Oxford and editor of the journal Language & Communication. His many publications include The Language Myth and Rethinking Writing.

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