Creating Spaces of Freedom: Culture in Defiance

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Januar 2002



When faced with severe threats to their cultural free expression, people in the creative arts have sought alternative strategies and platforms. Whether Sudanese or Algerian, whether fleeing vicious civil wars or governmental oppression, unrecognized artists and musicians have found ways of avoiding limitations and transcending repercussions. "Creating Spaces of Freedom" reveals some of the alternative spaces where banned art seeks refuge, while continuing to communicate its inspiring message of freedom and hope.


Els van der Plas (Netherlands) is an art historian and curator; she founded the Gate Foundation, an intercultural art exchange organisation, in 1987, and has organized numerous international art exhibitions and workshops. Marlous Willemsen (Netherlands) is the policy officer for the Prince Claus Fund. She has studied Arabic and Islamic Art. Before joining the Fund she managed the Centre of Islamic Art in Rotterdam. Malu Halasa (USA) is the editor of Tank, a visually-led bimonthly. She is the author of several biographies, including Elijah Mohammed (1990) and Mary McLeod Bethune (1989).


'An exhilarating collection.' Marina Warner, The Independent 'This book is not only a wonderful celebration of the necessity, the dignity, and the joy of freedom.' Ian Buruma 'A long overdue look at the role of art in places where subversion is the only way to challenge the status quo.' Wallpaper
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