The Role of Banks in the Interwar Economy

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This volume examines the financing of industry by banks and the banks' credit intermediation in industrial economies.


Preface; 1. Introduction Harold James; 2. Political disputes about the role of banks Gerald D. Feldman; 3. Universal banking in interwar Central Europe Fritz Weber; 4. Comparing the interwar banking history of five small countries in north-west Europe Ulf Olsson; 5. American bankers and Britain's fall from gold Diane B. Kunz; 6. Banks and the problem of capital shortage in Germany, 1918-23 Gerald D. Feldman; 7. State, banks and industry in Sweden, with some reference to the Scandinavian countries Mats Larsson; 8. State, banks and industry in Belgium and The Netherlands, 1919-39 Guy Vanthemsche; 9. Investment behaviour of industrial joint-stock companies and industrial shareholding by the Osterreichische Credit-Anstalt: inducement or obstacle to renewal and change in industry in interwar Austria Alois Mosser and Alice Teichova; 10. Financing of Hungarian industry by the Commercial Bank of Pest: a case study Elizabeth A. Boross; 11. The rise and fall of German-inspired mixed banking in Italy, 1894-1936 Douglas J. Forsyth; 12. Banking and economic development in interwar Greece Mark Mazower; 13. Why Canadian banks did not collapse in the 1930s Ian M. Drummond; 14. Japanese banks and national economic policy, 1920-36 W. Miles Fletcher III; Index.


"...a book made in heaven for monetary economists of the comparative-historical-institutional-interdisciplinary persuasion...a wide-ranging collection of essays--every one of them rich in institutional and historical detail...the reader comes away with a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between the macroeconomic crises of the 1920s and 1930s and the political-economic factors behind the widespread restructuring of domestic financial systems in the 1930s." Jane Knodell, Journal of Economic Issues "...highly informative...This is a most useful collection and will prove a fruitful starting point for further comparative study." Theo Balderston, Business History Review "...valuable if not absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in the interwar economy." Rondo Cameron, Journal of Comparative Economics
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