Feeds and Feeding

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Created for sophomore/junior undergraduate level courses in Animal Nutrition.
This contemporary and authoritative survey provides comprehensive coverage of the nutritional and scientific feeding of beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, horses, sheep, and swine, and offers a detailed treatment of feed composition for use in ration formulation.


Preface. Introduction. I. PRINCIPLES OF ANIMAL NUTRITION AND PHYSIOLOGY. 1. The Feed Nutrients. 2. General Functions of Feed Nutrients. 3. Proximate Analysis of Feedstuffs. 4. Use of the Van Soest Analysis in Feed Evaluation. 5. The Digestive Tract. 6. Nutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Transport. 7. Apparent Digestibility. 8. Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN). 9. Energy Utilization. 10. Study Questions and Problems. 11. Energy Nutrition: Carbohydrates, Lipids. 12. Protein Nutrition. 13. Mineral Nutrition-General. 14. The Macrominerals. 15. The Microminerals. 16. General Recommendations for Mineral Feeding. 17. Vitamin Nutrition. 18. Physiological Phases of Livestock Production. 19. Study Questions and Problems. II. FEEDSTUFFS. 20. Feeds and Feed Groups-General. 21. Energy Feeds. 22. High-Protein Feeds. 23. Air-Dry Roughages. 24. The Molasses. 25. High-Moisture Feeds. 26. Identifying Feeds from Their Composition. 27. Hay and Hay Making. 28. Silage and Haylage-Production and Use. 29. Problems of Feed Storage. 30. Processing Feeds. 31. Uniform State Feed Bill. 32. Pastures-General. 33. Facts about Important Pasture Crops. 34. General Use of Pasture in Livestock Feeding. 35. Study Questions and Problems. III. BALANCING RATIONS. 36. Balancing Rations-General. 37. Calculating a Balanced Daily Ration-General. 38. Balancing a Ration for a Growing and Finishing Steer. 39. Balancing a Ration for a Steer Using a High Level of Roughage. 40. The California System for the Net Energy Evaluation of Rations for Growing-Finishing Cattle. 41. Balancing a Ration for a Dairy Cow. 42. Balancing Rations for Horses. 43. Balancing Rations for Sheep. 44. Balancing Rations for Swine. 45. Formulating a Feed Mixture Based on a Balanced Daily Ration or a Portion Thereof. 46. Formulating Feed Mixtures by the Use of the Square Method. 47. Use of Algebraic Equations in the Formulation of Feed Mixtures. 48. Use of the Square Method for Formulating a Balanced Ration Mixture for a Finishing Steer. 49. Formulation of a Balanced Ration Mixture for Lactating Sows. 50. Calculating and Altering Levels of Nutrients in Feed Mixtures. 51. Formulating and Using Premixes. 52. Computerized Least-Cost Rations. 53. Estimating Feed Requirements. 54. Weights, Measures, Volumes, and Capacities. IV. LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY FEEDING. 55. Feeding Beef Cattle. 56. Feeding Dairy Cattle. 57. Veal Production. 58. Feeding Horses. 59. Feeding Chickens. 60. Feeding Turkeys. 61. Feeding Sheep. 62. Feeding Swine. 63. Use of Performance Modifiers. 64. Feeding Animal Wastes and Snackfood By-products. 65. Aflatoxin in Feeds. 66. Study Questions and Problems. Appendix A: Tables on Nutrient Requirements. Appendix B: Glossary of Terms Frequently Used in Discussing Matters Related to Feeds and Feeding. Index.
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