A Comparative Political Economy of Industrial Capitalism

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Oktober 2002



This comparative study of industrial capitalism is an examination of state-economy relations in mixed economies ranging from the interventionist German and Japanese to the less interventionist Anglo-American. Following the postwar consensus that resulted in the 'golden age' (1950-1973) and ended with the energy crisis, the Anglo-American economies adopted neoliberalism while Germany and Japan remained interventionist. This resulted in the emergence of national types of capitalism. While analyzing the increased competition between them, R.C.Mascarenhas also notes the influence of globalization as well as 'alternative capitalism' with the survival and re-emergence of industrial districts.


Preface Comparative Political Economy: An Institutionalist Approach Development in Modern Industrial Capitalism State and the Economy Changing Nature of Capitalism: Large-Scale Enterprises Globalization and its Effects on Capitalism Alternative Models of Capitalism Types of Capitalism: Anglo-America German Capitalism: The Social Market Model Japan: The East Asian Development State Comparative Perspective of Industrial Capitalism Bibliography


R.C. MASCARENHAS is Principal Fellow in the Department of Political Science at the University of Melbourne. His publications include Comparative Political Economy of East and South Asia: A Critique of Development Policy and Management, Government and the Economy in Australia and New Zealand: The Politics of Economic Policy Making, Public Enterprise in New Zealand, A Strategy for Rural Development: Dairy Cooperatives in India and Technology Transfer and Development: India's Hindustan Machine Tool Company.

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