The Ethics of Deference: Learning from Law's Morals

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Differs from standard approaches by focusing on the language of deference instead of obedience.


Part I. Law's Morals: 1. Introduction; 2. Understanding authority; 3. Claiming authority; 4. The nature of law; Part II. The Ethics of Deference: 5. The puzzle of promise; 6. The problem of fair play; 7. Political obligation; 8. The nature of deference.


'The Ethics of Deference is an admirably clear book, presenting a thoroughly novel take on its subject-matter ... worthy of close attention.' Modern Law Review 'Clearly presented and persuasively argued, Soper's account of the ethics of deference covers a wide range of legal, political, and moral issues from authority and autonomy, to obligation and the nature of reasons. ... Soper offers an insightful analysis ... His most original and contentious position, that the law has authority but does not claim it, is one that he makes intuitively appealing. Soper's thesis gives one the power to approach the law rationally, and to consider the pros and cons of adhering to its norms.' Res Republica
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