Eighteenth-Century Fiction on Screen

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August 2010



This collection offers an extensive introduction to cinematic representations of the eighteenth century.


Illustrations; Introduction: Is there a text in the screening room? Robert Mayer; 1. The cinema of attractions and the novel in Barry Lyndon and Tom Jones Peter Cosgrove; 2. Three cinematic Robinsonades Robert Mayer; 3. Adaptations of Moll Flanders Catherine N. Parke; 4. Film, censorship, and the 'corrupt original' of Gulliver's Travels Alan Chalmers; 5. Adapting Fielding for film and television Martin C. Battestin; 6. The spaces of Clarissa in text and film Cynthia Wall; 7. Jacques le fataliste on film: from metafiction to metacinema Alan J. Singerman; 8. 'Carnal to the point of scandal': on the affair of La religieuse Kevin Jackson; 9. Adaptations and cultural criticism: Les liaisons dangereuses 1960 and Dangerous Liaisons Richard Frohock; 10. Mapping Goethe's Wilhelm Meister onto Wenders's Wrong Move Margaret McCarthy; 11. Rob Roy: the other eighteenth century? Janet Sorensen; Filmography; Bibliography.


Robert Mayer is Associate Professor of English at Oklahoma State University. He is the author of History and the Early English Novel: Matters of Fact from Bacon to Defoe (Cambridge, 1997).


"...a refreshing contribution to the field of film and literature...a 'must read' for anyone interested in cinematic interpretations of eighteenth-century literature." Canadian Woman Studies
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