The Law of the Church in Wales

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Juli 2002



Divided into five parts: the legal regulation of the Church; the institutional organization of the Church; the ministry of the Church; the doctrine, liturgy and rites of the Church; and the property and finance of the Church, this text puts the laws of the Church in Wales into a historical context.


PART I:THE LEGAL REGULATION OF THE CHURCH Chapter 1:The Nature and Sources of Church Law PART II:THE INSTITUTIONAL ORGANISATION OF THE CHURCH Chapter 2:The Province: Governing Body Chapter 3:The Diocese: Units and Assemblies Chapter 4:The Parish and the Parochial Church Council Chapter 5:The Disciplinary Tribunal and Courts of the Church PART III:THE MINISTERS OF THE CHURCH Chapter 6:Episcopal Ministry: The Offices of Bishop Chapter 7:The Ministry of Priests and Deacons Chapter 8:The Laity and Lay Officers PART IV:THE DOCTRINE, LITURGY AND RITES OF THE CHURCH Chapter 9:Faith, Doctrine and Liturgy Chapter 10:Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist Chapter 11:Marriage, Confession and Burial Chapter 12:Ecumenical Relations PART V:THE PROPERTY AND FINANCES OF THE CHURCH Chapter 13:The Law of Church Property Chapter 14:Church Finance


Norman Doe is a Professor in the Department of Law, University of Wales, Cardiff and director of the Centre for Law and Religion. He is also editor of Essays in Canon Law and co-editor of English Canon Law.


' ... sure to become an indispensable part of the library of everyone who needs to know where the Church in Wales stands legally. Professor Doe provides a systematic and practical statement of the law, and, where Welsh law is silent, refers to parallels in other Anglican provinces ... The book is thoroughly researched, and produced to the highest standards.' Church Times '...this book should be warmly welcomed as an addition to ecclesiastical and canon law libraries in England and further afield, both as a general comparative study and for its treatment of the legal issues raised by the distinctive history of the Church in Wales. It will be an indispensable volume for lawyers working in Wales and for others with a serious role or interest in church administration there. If a paperback reprint were available even cheaper there would be no excuse for any parish in Wales to be without a copy'. Ecclesiastical Law Journal
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