Gender's Place: Feminist Anthropologies of Latin America

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Mai 2003



This collection brings together key theoretical issues and rich ethnographic cases in the feminist anthropology of Latin America in order to explore the ways that 'place' - understood both geographically and metaphorically - can serve as a key vehicle for analyzing the cultural, social, and historical specificity of gender relations and ideologies. Like Dorothy Hodgson's volume, Gendered Modernities, the book seeks to unite ethnographic specificity with theoretical cohesion in a way that demonstrates the unique contribution that anthropology can make to gender and area studies.


Preface: On Feminist Ethnography of Latin America; R.Behar Introduction: A desalambrar: Unfencing Gender's Place in Research on Latin America; J.Hurtig , R.Montoya , L.J.Frazier PART
1: LANGUAGES AND PRACTICES OF GENDERED KNOWLEDGE IN PARTICULAR PLACES Debating Women: Gendered Lessons in a Venezuelan Classroom; J.Hurtig To Act Like a Man: Masculinity, Resistance, and Authority in the Ecuadorian Andes; B.Lyons Women's Sexuality, Knowledge, and Agency in Rural Nicaragua; R.Montoya del Solar PART
2: GENDER'S PLACE IN CHALLENGING AND REPRODUCING INSTITUTIONS AND IDEOLOGIES Forging Democracy and Locality: Democratization, Mental Health, and Reparations in Iquique, Chile; L.J.Frazier What the Strong Owe to the Weak: Rationality, Domestic Violence, and Governability in Nineteenth Century Mexico; A.Alonso The Racial-Moral Politics of Place: Mestizas and Intellectuals in Turn-of the-Century Peru; M.De la Cadena Placing Gender and Ethnicity on the Bodies of Indigenous Women and in the Work of Bolivian Intellectuals; V.M.Ortiz PART
3: GENDER IN MOVEMENT(S) Engendering Leadership: Indigenous Women Leaders in the Ecuadorian Andes; E.Cervone Latinas at the Border: the Common Ground of Economic Displacements and Breakthroughs; V.M.Ortiz Making a Scence: Travestis and Gendered Politics of Space in Porto Alegre, Brazil; C.H.Klein By Night, a Street Rite: 'Public' Women of the Night in the Streets of Mexico City (An Ethnographic Essay); M.Lamas CRITICAL COMMENTARIES Against Marianismo; M.Navarro Understanding Gender in Latin America; S.Montesino Local/Global: A View from Geography; A.Cravey POSTSCRIPT Postscript: Gender in Place and Culture; J.Nash


ANA MARIA ALONSO Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona-Tucson, USA
RUTH BEHAR Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan, USA
EMMA CERVONE Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University, USA
ALTHA J. CRAVEY Associate Professor of Geography at the University of North Carolina, USA
MARISOL DE LA CADENA Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA
CHARLES H. KLEIN Health Program Planner at the HIV Prevention Section of the San Fransisco Department of Public Health, USA
MARTA LAMAS Studied Anthropology at the Escuela National de Antropologia e Historia in Mexico and is the Editor of the Journal, Debate Feminista
BARRY J. LYONS Anthropologist at Wayne State University, Michigan, USA
SONIA MONTECINO Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Genero of the Universidad de Chile, Chile
JUNE NASH Has carried out anthropological research on community, family and gender roles and the impact of globalization processes in Mexico, Bolivia and the United States
MARYSA NAVARRO Charles Collis Professor of History at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
VICTOR ORTIZ Teaches at Northeastern Illinois University and is Coordinator of its Mexican/Caribbean Studies program
SUSAN J. PAULSON Spent 12 years in South America developing graduate programs and doing field research


'Gender's Place is a big rich collection that reminds us once again of how central gender is to a wide range of issues, and how important it is to look at gender in real times and places. Moving through many Latin American nations, and looking at everything from streets to states, from democratization to domestic violence, from borders to bodies, the book will be indispensable to feminist academics, activists, and audiences everywhere'. - Sherry B. Ortner, Columbia University 'A daring and creative proposal that opens new conceptual horizons in gender studies and breaks with the universalizing assumptions (machismo-marianismo, public-private, indigenous culture-dominant culture) that have to this day pervaded gender studies in Latin America'. - Norma Fuller, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú '...the result is an edited volume that successfully extends the importance of classrooms, homes, streets, factories, haciendas...' - K.S. Fine-Dare, Choice
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